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TruFilter oil filter

We knew when we put the engine in our truck that we were going to have a remote mounted oil oil filter but we didn't want some basic looking off the shelf filter hanging out for all to see. We were going to have a local machine shop create a nice slip on cover for a standard oil filter.

TruFilter installed on the PermaCool remote oil filter mount.

Another view showing the TruFilter installed on Project Responder.

Then we found an ad for TruFilter on the Ford Truck World website where we've spent a lot of time and we thought that's a heck of an oil filter. So we called the company and eplained what we had and why we had to have one of their filters. After a little arm twisting, they gave in and sent us one of their totally cool machined T6 billet aluminum oil filters.

What's really neat about these is that they are reusable. Just remove the outter cover and clean the t304 stainless mesh, and put it back on. No more old filters going in the trash and all of the old oil is able to be recycled. And according to some things we've read, these will actually improve engine performance because there is almost no oil flow restriction.

All we know is that it looks great, works great and really sparkles under the hood. We're really happy to have the support of TruFilter and we love the product.

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