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Grand Challenger II

It took a while to completely prepare the exterior of the body for painting. The guys at Pro Body Works took great care in making sure that every detail was looked after. They even pointed out where the composite end caps had suffered stress cracks from the weight of other service bodies setting on top of this one during shipping and/or storage. Once the primer had been roughed up and the dust removed, the body headed for the paint booth. In the booth, the inside of the service compartments were masked as well as the taillight and emergency lighting holes in the end caps.

Now comes the color. Pro Body Works began dusting on the first coats of the Sikkens brand paint. Now the body was really begining to take shape. After several coats and a thorough baking, the body emerged from the booth. Attention now turned to the doors and the tailgate. These were sanded, prepped and painted separately and once dry, hung back on the body. Now it's on to the final stages: buffing, polishing and installing the body on the truck.

The doors and tailgate are removed, ready to begin sanding.

Looking from the front of the body with the doors removed.

Hard to believe this will eventually be smooth and glossy with a mirror finish.

The first coat of Sikkens has been applied.

From the rear, the bed and compartments are masked off.

Final wet sanding before being buffed to a high gloss.

The paint job is complete, just awaiting the door latch assemblies.

Door latches installed, the service body is ready for mounting.

It was hard for us to believe, when they started sanding on the new paint, turning it dull and washed out, that it would ever be shiny and bright. We held our breath and were amazed after the paint was buffed and the shine was incredible. As you can see, the results were worth the wait. Thanks again to Rodney and the crew of Pro Body Works for all their help.

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