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Spray on bedliner

We knew we'd have to do something to protect the inside of the truck bed to keep it from getting dinged and scratched up, even with having the RKO skid unit in back. The idea of a spray on bed liner was not exactly something to get excited about. But it seemed to be the only solution since no one makes drop in bed liners for service bodies. So we looked around to see what was available, figuring that all spray on bed liners are the same. Much to our surprise, we found that there are considerable differences between the various brands of spray on bedliners. There are several brands to choose from and each one has their own claims and testimonials. For our project, we ended up selecting Ameriguard. Not just because they happened to have an independent dealer close by, but because of quality of their product and the level of their customer service.

A spray on bedliner becomes part of the truck. The Ameriguard bedliner is sprayed on hot, not cold like most other competing products. The bedliner material is a special polyurea/polyurethane hybrid material which is a unique chemical formulation that combines the right mix of toughness, strength, flexibility, abrasion, and cut resistance - even in hot weather. So we contacted Ameriguard and they were more than happy to help us out. We made arrangements with the local dealer to get the spray on bedliner installed. The entire process was done in less than a day.

Before driving the truck to the installer, we thoroughly cleaned the inside of the bed to get rid of all of the dirt and debris that had accumulated. Once at the installer, they took the truck and began the process of installing the spray on bedliner. They first cleaned and prepped the inside of the bed with a wax and grease remover to clean any substances that may stop the liner from adhering. Where the bedliner material would need to be terminated such as along the top edges of the service body, they used a special masking tape with a small metal wire running along the edge. This allows them to pull the wire after the spray on bedliner is installed to make a clean cut in the material once it's dried. Next, they used copious amounts of plastic to cover the truck to protect it from overspray. After the truck was covered, they power sanded the bed and tailgate surfaces to ensure there would be good adhesion. Then all that was left was to actually spray on the material. It took much longer to cover and prep the truck than it did to apply the spray on bedliner.

We had the spray on bedliner material applied to the top of our rear bumper as well to provide a permanent non slip surface. When it was completed, the inside of the bed, the inside of the tailgate and the top of the rear bumper were all protected. When we came back that afternoon, the truck was ready to go. The spray on bedliner looked and felt amazing. We were ecstatic with the results. Thanks to Ameriguard, our truck bed was fully protected and now ready for our RKO skid unit. If you'd like to see how the process actually works, click below for a high resolution video produced by Ameriguard. If you're even considering a spray on bed liner, Ameriguard should be your first choice.

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