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Dynamat Sound Proofing

As part of the sound proofing process provided by Quiet Ride Solutions, we installed the supplied Dynamat sound proofing material in and on our doors to eliminate rattling and reverbrations from the speakers. The installation was very simple. While the door panels were out of the way, we started by using the smaller pieces we received from Quite Ride in many of the small nooks on the door skin facing the interior of the truck. This was a very easy peel and stick operation. A utility knife was all that was necessary to get the dynamat to fit in and around the odd shapes of the door skin.

Next, we worked on the inside of the doors. As you can see from the photos, the doors come from the factory with a small amount of sound deadening material in the center of the outside door skin. We then took several long strips and proceded to cover most of the inside of the door panels with the dynamat sound deadening material. We even placed some on the inner door panel inside the door so that some areas actually have the dynamat on both sides of the door skin.

Dynamat installed on and inside the door panels.

Every large space was filled with the dynamat material.

Even down inside near the bottom of the doors, we were able to get large strips of dynamat inside.

The doors make a very low, solid thud when they close now. There is not any hint of that tinny hollow sound. These sound full and solid, like the way cars and trucks use to be built when steel wasn't skimped on and gas was cheap. We are very grateful to Quiet Ride Solutions for their support and for the dynamat.

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