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Rear Driveshafts

Once the truck was lifted and we saw how sharp the angles were for the rear two piece drive shaft, we contacted Jess at High Angle Driveline for help. Jess was very easy to work with and extremely knowledgeable in his field. We shot several photos of our current drive train, made several measurements as well as counted splines to ensure the new components will bolt in without any problems. The decision was made to completely replace the rear drive shafts and the yoke on the differential with one ton gear. Since we were without a rear slip yoke for the transfer case, Jess was able to take care of there too. In about a week, we had our new replacement two piece drive shaft assembly complete with a CV joint located just beyond the carrier bearing. This will now allow the driveline to handle the extreme angles without flinching.

rear drivshafts from HighAngle Driveline
The driveshafts as they arrived from HighAngle Driveline.
Installing the HighAngle Driveline driveshafts
Closeup view of the slip yoke on the 1356 transfer case.
first section of HighAngle Driveline driveshaft mounted
Closeup of the carrier bearing mounting flange.
first section of  HighAngle Driveline installed
Front section of the High Angle Driveline driveshaft installed.
rear section of  HighAngle Driveline driveshaft installed
Rear section of High Angle Driveline driveshaft with the heavy duty constant velocity joint installed.
close up of  HighAngle Driveline
Closeup of the heavy duty constant velocity joint installed with ARP stainless steel bolts.

One of our big concerns was the steep driveline angle with having a lift of over eight inches. With the factory driveshaft, the truck would have significant take-off shutter. The obvious solution would be to lower the carrier bearing, but that would just generate unwanted vibrations at speeds over 40mph. The new superduty driveline from High Angle eliminates all of these complications.

Once the battery case was completed, the Douglas batteries installed and the speedometer gear added to the 1356 rear output shaft, we were able to install the High Angle Driveline brand rear driveshaft. The unit installed very easily. We first cleaned and painted the shafts to keep rust at bay. Next we slid the slip yoke into the transfer case and using grade 8 bolts, we secured the carrier bearing to the mounting bracket. Next, we used four ARP brand stainless steel " bolts to mate the rear section to the flange. Once in place, the rear u-joint was secured to the new spicer yoke.

Thanks to Jess at High Angle Driveline, we have an extreme duty driveline that can take all we can throw at it. If you're even considering lifting your truck, High Angle Driveline needs to be on your list.

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