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Reassembly of the Truck

With the disassembly and refinishing of the frame complete the process of rebuilding the truck was able to begin.

It took a long time, or at least it seemed that way, to get to this point. The challenge was a daunting one, to start from the ground up, putting a truck together bolt by bolt. This is where I found out how good of a job I did keeping track of everything when I took it apart. But this is was also a very exciting place to be as well. Not many people get to build a vehicle exactly the way they want. If it's not offered as an option at the dealer or if it's not easily available from the local parts store, most vehicles remain stock from the day the roll off the assembly line, to the day they end up in the salvage yard.

This was my chance, to create a truck exactly the way I wanted, without the restrictions of the factory. Of course, there were some limitations. Funding was the primary constraint. Fortunately I received a lot of support from over one hundred fifty sponsors. This allowed me to realize my goals and for that, I am very grateful.

Follow with me as I start the long road to the final chapter in this project, making Project Responder a reality.