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Taking The Truck Apart

When I started this project, my goal was to completely remove the entire body of the truck from the frame and begin a complete restoration from the axles up. The first step was to remove the front clip. From there I went on to remove the bed and then finally the cab. Once the body was removed, I removed the engine, transmission and transfer case so they could be rebuilt and/or replaced. After I gained complete unobstructed access to the frame, it was sandblasted and made ready for the rebuilding process.

Of course there are several modifications to perform along the way. Once such improvement was installing a frame mounted battery box to move the batteries from the engine compartment to a spot tucked away under the truck. This eliminated a great deal of weight from the front end and helped to lower the center of gravity. Another modification was the installation of an air tank for the pneumatic accessories & air horns. The wiring was also updated and upgraded as well as being encapsulated in permanently installed, sealed wire loom. I did not leaving any stone unturned. At least none that I found anyway.