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Pro-Comp Tires

We were elated when Pro Comp Tires agreed to shod our new wheels with the best four wheel drive tire on the market. This will truly be a go anywhere, do anything emergency vehicle when we're finished.

Pro-Comp's Mud Terrain tires were a perfect match for the Alcoa wheels.

Tread Design and Overall Diameter and Width
Computer-designed tread is quieter and more aggressive than the competition!

Twin Rib Siping Center Traction Zone
Interlocking, open, aggressive twin high-void lug delivers extra traction. Add the 90 degree check pattern siping and it blows the competition away. No competition. No comparison. Only the Pro Comp Mud Terrain has this feature.

Dual Compound Tread and Sidewall Rubber
The dual compound tread allows the tire to wear longer due to cooler running. But we don't stop there! The sidewall rubber is designed tougher for resisting scrapes and cuts.

3 Lug Shoulder Design
The high-void, three lug shoulder has a larger, more aggressive open grip spur, for increased traction and self-cleaning. The three staged lug is also pre-drilled for studs for driving on both snow and ice. This benefit is not available from most of the competition.

Alternating Shoulder Lug Treatment
Corner lugs with deep traction bars that help resist clog-up and maximizes the biting edge for increased traction in mud and rocks.

Polyester Body Ply's
Thick, 2-ply polyester construction combined with a blend of dual sidewall rubber allows maximum puncture resistance with total flexibility when using lower air pressure off-road without excessive heat build-up. Three ply construction provides less flex and more heat than 2-ply.

Double Steel Belting
Two layers of opposed-angle steel belting spans tread area for maximum puncture resistance and increased cornering control. The opposed angle steel allows the tread to flex under lower pressure to maximize traction in rock, mud and sand.

These truck tires are just what the doctor ordered.

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