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Power Slider Rear Window

With all of the attention on driver distraction and inattention, we found one of the most useful and safety conscience products available that would help keep us safe on days when you just have to have the windows rolled down. The Power Slider rear window by C.R. Laurence is the perfect accessory for a supercab or crewcab pickup truck. With the flip of a conveniently located switch, we will be able to open or close our rear window without having to recline the seat and making moves that only a contortionist should attempt.

Installing the window required some effort because the unit was such a tight fit. It took three of us to finally get the window installed. The rope trick did not work and we were forced to use force. With one person guiding it along and the other two of us carfully tapping, lubricating and wiggling the window into place. We were affraid that it was not going to fit but after an hour or so, we finally got the last part of the gasket to pop into place. One thing is for sure, that window is not going to come out on it's own.

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