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Main Power Distribution

What a pain in the neck (and various other places). We did not anticipate having to cram so much stuff into such a small area. We did manage to make it happen with some creative solutions and just enough space to tuck it all away. It just took several hours.

In this small area, we managed to mount and install a large 150a buss bar for the ammeter in the cab. A 150a manual reset circuit breaker. A 200a continuous duty relay for isolating the batteries. A 300a fuse bar for the Xantrex inverter/charger. And all of the cabling for all of these components as well as the cables for the starter, the alternator, the remote jumper cables and a few smaller incidental wires here and there.

Installing the 150a circuit breaker, ammeter bus bar, battery manager solenoid, 300a fuze for the inverter and various other connections.

From left to right: ammeter sending unit, 150a breaker, solenoid, 300a fuse.

With the batteries in place, there is not much room left in what was once a very cavernous location.

Now we have to custom design our battery hold-downs since there is no longer any room for a standard 'across the top' style hold-down.

There is only one problem. Now there is no room for the battery hold-downs. Back to the drawing board. The solution has to be non-metallic and it must be able to fully secure the batteries in place. The next installment will show our solution.

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