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Powder Coating

We thought it would be nice to provide some additional background about our project. In this case, why we had so many part of our truck powder coated and why we chose powder coating over painting in the first place.  Powder coating is actually, just another method of painting an object but using a much more complex method than spraying a liquid onto a metal surface. Powder coating is just that, the application of paint, in powder form, to a metallic object using the natural attraction of opposite electrical fields.

To understand the process, first you have to understand how the powder is created.  The powder used in powder coating is kind of like freeze dried coffee.  The powder was once in a liquid form. This specialized liquid paint is then 'dehydrated' to produce a very fine powder, similar in consistency to that of flour. Now that the paint has been converted to powder, the question then becomes how to apply the powder evenly and completely?  The answer is electricity. By passing the powder through a positively charged applicator, the powder particles are electrically charged.  The metallic object to be painted is generally suspended from one or more thin metallic hooks which transfer a negative charge to the object being powder coated.  The natural attraction of positive to negative then causes the powder to adhere to the surface of the object being painted.  This electrical charge then holds the powder in place while the object is then transported to an oven of some sort to bake the powder onto the object. 

As the object is baked in the oven at a very precise temperature, the powder is liquefied and hardened.  The biggest advantage of this process is that as the object is heated, the pores of the metal expand and into which the liquefied powder becomes trapped.  As the part cools, the powder coating hardens and in many respects becomes "one with" the part to which it was applied.  The resultant finish is extremely durable and long lasting.  In environments where an object will be exposed to harsh conditions, a powder coated finish will last much longer and retain it's luster significantly longer than that of conventional paint. 

Thankfully, we had the services of Spectrum Industrial Coatings to help us out with our project and we are very grateful for their support.  Additional links are provided for more information or you can feel free to contact us or Spectrum for more information.