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Portable Traffic Signal Light Information

Portable Traffic Direction Products Save Lives, Time and Money.

Directing traffic is challenging and dangerous for both the public and those directing the traffic. Every year, thousands of people are injured and millions of dollars are lost due to accidents that could have been avoided or minimized if a better approach to traffic direction had been used. IST International pioneered products that provide better solutions for immediate and personal traffic direction and control. These products not only provide better safety to operators and public alike, but also have proven to be an operational advantage that saves money and time.

Advantages of using portable equipment.
Using these products provide many advantages, the most significant being increased safety. Moving operator out of harms way decreases the probability of getting hit, and allows operators to concentrate on the task at hand instead of worrying about dodging vehicles. The name “The Partner” was chosen because you can rely on it to help you and keep you safe. Driver awareness is greatly enhanced by being able to recognize a clear concise message, and being able to see the signal from much further away, and in all types of lighting and weather conditions. Other advantages to using portable traffic signaling equipment include better utilization of personnel and equipment, lower operational costs, convenience for operators and better traffic flow.

Standard RCTL Construction
the Partner, standard remote control traffic light“The Partner” is an ultra-portable Remote Controlled Traffic Light (RCTL) for local traffic direction. The RCTL is 12VDC battery operated, using a simple 3 button RF transmitter for control. The unit has 4 signal faces with standard ITE 8” Red Yellow and Green lamps in each direction. All lamps are based on LED technology which allows the unit to run over 24 hours on a single battery charge. LEDs are also highly reliable, so you never need to replace lamps. The unit has two battery bays with a quick disconnect for the battery. Cabling from the base to the head is contained in self wiring poles which can be selectively installed for various heights. Connectors are polarized to prevent mis-wiring the unit. Signal hoods provide better contrast in bright daylight conditions. The RCTL is constructed of rugged Aircraft Aluminum, with Polycarbonate lenses and hoods. The unit assembles quickly and easily with secure locking devices and convenient hardware for positioning and stabilizing. Optional accessories such as turn arrows and solar panels are quickly connected and instantly operate. The controller has many safety features which eliminate worry of conflicting direction.

Operating the RCTL
portable traffic signal in police car trunkOperating the RCTL is simple and straight forward. Using a 3 button RF remote, the RCTL may be operated in a manual mode, or trained for a sequence and put into automatic mode to repeat indefinitely. The standard RCTL uses a cross traffic pattern, allowing North and South traffic to move, and alternating to East and West. With the addition of the Arrow option, the operation can be modified for a “Round Robin” approach, allowing each of the 4 directions to be independently controlled. This function is also useful for very short single lane applications. All cycles are preset to follow MUTCD guidelines for operation and timing. For larger intersections where multiple signals would be useful, there is a wireless link option.

Options and Accessories
Several options and accessories may be selected to enhance the performance, convenience or cost of the RCTL. Power options include Batteries, AC to DC power Supplies, Solar Panel Chargers, AC Chargers and Generators, and DC to AC Power inverters. For departments with sensitive budget constraints, lower cost “Economy” base and pole kits are available. Convenience and productivity can be enhanced with accessories such as roughroad wheels, carrying cases and bags, tool kits, advanced signage, advanced profiling software, and network monitoring modules. Locks and hardware can provide additional security and stability. Spare parts can also be purchased.