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Photo History

The truck you see here has been an every day driver as well as a volunteer response vehicle. It was equipped for the job and has been a dependable workhorse for thirteen years.

We've put together a "slide show" that you may view illustrating our project from the year the truck was manufactured until now. The "slides" will automatically progress every fifteen seconds. You may pause at any time durring the show.

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Limestone, ME - Spring of 88 Loring AFB, ME - Back side of the base, just had 16 Loring AFB, ME - Back side of the base, just had 16 4Wheeling in the northern Maine Woods, Summer 88 Caribou, ME - Winter 88/89 - Somewhere in a potato field
Bar Harbor, ME - Summer 88 - Having fun along the shore Kirkwood, MO - Spring 93 - Somewhere along the old Frisco right of way Greensfelder Park, MO - Fall 94 - Out enjoying the colors Piere Marquette Park, IL - Fall 95 - Watching the Eagles Miller Mountain, MO - Fall 97 - New Blade, waiting for snow