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Pace Edwards Bedlocker

Pace-Edwards sponsored our project with one of their revolutionary Bed-Locker toneau covers for Project Responder.  We spent a lot of time going back and forth to ensure that we would receive a custom unit that was narrow enough to fit the width of our Stahl Grand Challenger service body.  Unfortunately, we ended up with the regular width version for a Ford pickup truck.  So we were unable to utilize the Bedlocker for our project.  In fact, we even contacted Pace Edwards to arrange for the return of this unit and they never followed through so here it sits, collecting dust in our shop.  If you're in the market for a bed locker and you own a Ford truck from '80 up to '96, and you'd like to save a bundle, contact us and let's work out a deal.  We can't use it and there's no reason for it sit here forever. All reasonable offers will be considered.

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