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Magnaflow Mufflers

When it came to the exhaust for our truck, we didnít want to go all out only to have an exhaust system that would turn to rust in nothing flat. We were extremely fortunate to secure the support of the great folks over at Magnaflow. Their polished stainless steel mufflers are as beautiful as they are effective and our truck sounds amazing. Itís hard to believe that, unlike traditional steel mufflers, these have almost no exhaust gas restriction but they significantly quiet the exhaust while still retaining a meaty rumble.

The Magnaflow polished stainless steel mufflers as they arrived.

We had a local muffler shop, Rodís Mufflers, take care of the installation for us. It was quite a trick getting the tubing bent to clear the transmission crossmember and still keep the polished Magnaflow mufflers tucked up between the frame rails. Scott, the installer, even kept them parallel for that extra attention to detail weíve worked so hard to achieve. Because of the lack of space under the service body due to the battery compartment and the power distribution center, we had the exhaust bent to exit just behind the cab.

Thanks to Magnaflow, our stainless steel mufflers help make the undercarriage just as polished as the rest of the truck.

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