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Stainless Lockout Hubs

We were in need of new hubs with the rebuild of our Dana 60 front axle. The factory hubs were old, rusty and not worth saving. Fortuneately Milemarker came to the rescue by providing us with a set of 449SS stainless steel Supreme lock out hubs. Not only are these hubs extremely sharp looking, they will forever shine. Another added benefit, no wimpy plastic dial here, pure hard core heavy metal.

Milemarker stainless steel lockout hubs

The milemarker hubs installed.

From the Milemarker site:
"For selected applications, the Supreme and Street Master models feature a "full metal jacket" cap with stainless steel exposed to the elements. Made using a new process of die-casting aluminum into a pre-made stainless jacket, it provides lightweight, strength and corrosion resistance. It is the ultimate combination of materials for the cap of a locking hub."

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