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Light Trucks - Versatility and Convenience

Trucks with a weight under fourteen thousand pounds are considered to be light trucks and they are becoming more and more popular. Not only are light trucks easier to maneuver and manage, they are also available in sizes and styles that will accommodate individuals or families. Light trucks are an alternative to the heavier trucks, and they do the same jobs.

With ever increasing gas prices light trucks are beginning to become more attractive to a very wide range of people. Light trucks can be just as durable and convenient as the heavy weight trucks, but they don't guzzle as much gas. If a big load needs to be hauled somewhere, light trucks can still carry it they just won't use as much gas getting there which is much easier on the pocket book.

Many people drive light trucks and don't even know it. The light trucks category includes vehicles such as small pick up trucks, station wagons on a truck wheelbase, and sports utility vehicles. These light trucks don't always have the typical truck look, yet they have the space for cargo without being difficult to maneuver and sans the gas guzzling. Light trucks work for many families and individuals who need the extra space that a light truck affords in comparison to a compact car, yet they get the gas and riding comfort that many cars allow.

Light trucks will likely continue to be popular. The varying styles and space they afford are attractive to many people from different walks of life. Where trucks used to be big and bulky, long beds and sports utility vehicles have allowed for a transformation in the light trucks that allows for versatility and style.