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Holley Truck Carburetor

Before we recieved our Holley Truck Avenger Carburetor, you’d think that getting an engine running, smoothly, wouldn’t be that difficult. But up to this point, it has been. Sure, we got it running, but it runs worse than a yugo firing on one cylinder. All of our testing showed the carburetor was dumping way too much fuel into the intake. The plugs are fouling out, the motor lopes at idle, visibly rocking back and forth on the motor mounts. Just listening to it, you’d think it was a stock car you were hearing. It only had 3½ inches of vacuum and can barely propel the truck. We’ve tried adjusting the float, replacing the power valve, using smaller jets and conjuring the spirits to get the engine to run smoothly. Nothing has worked. The consensus is that the carburetor we installed way back when is just plain broken. So we called Holley and explained our situation. They were more than happy to help us out. Holley sent out a brand new Truck Avenger Carburetor for us to install. The Truck Avenger Carburetor is specially designed for trucks and that makes us happy. It’s special configuration allows for steeper angularity with the vehicle than does a standard carburetor. The Truck Avenger Carburetor arrived from Holley about two weeks later and we had to order a perch and spring kit for the transmission kick down lever and we ordered a 9/16 x 24 to 6an male fitting to replace the banjo fuel inlet since we’re using racing hoses with AN fittings. The perch and spring kit easily installed on the carburetor and the inlet fitting was an easy swap. After that, we simply disconnected the fuel line from the fuel rail, the transmission kick down rod, the vacuum hoses and the electric choke wiring. The old carb was removed and the new Truck Avenger Carburetor was installed with a new intake gasket. All of the connections were replaced (fuel line, kick down, etc) and then we were ready to set our adjustments. The Holley Truck Avenger carburetor requires that the kick down lever be adjusted in conjunction with the throttle lever to ensure proper operation. Now came the moment of truth. After turning on the fuel pump for a few seconds to ensure the carb was full of fuel, we turned the key. The sound we heard was music to our ears. The timing was a little off, but the sound of all eight cylinders firing properly and smooth roar of the exhaust let us know that our truck was ready roll. Thanks to the support of Holley with their Truck Avenger Carburetor, Project Responder is fully operational.
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