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Ford Trucks Still Thriving After One Hundred Years

To many people Ford trucks symbolize everything great about the United States. Ford trucks are known for their great quality, dependability, and style. Most people who buy Ford trucks will continue to buy them for the rest of their lives. Ford trucks have long been a staple in the truck industry, and despite a rash of recalls as of late, they are one of the most well respected trucks in the world.

If you ask them, most people can't remember Ford trucks not being around. There's a reason for that, as Ford trucks became known in 1900 when Henry Ford put together his first truck. Just twenty-five years later Ford trucks were manufactured in factories, making them one of the first factories made vehicles anywhere. Amazingly, the price of the first Ford Trucks was just two hundred and eighty one dollars! It's hard to believe that Ford trucks were ever sold for such a small amount of money, especially when you consider their average selling price is now closer to forty thousand dollars or more! Ford trucks have stayed with the times, always offering their customers the utmost satisfaction.

Ford trucks have made the transformation into modern times quite easily. In addition to the typical Ford trucks there are light weight trucks, very heavy duty trucks, trucks with various sizes of engines including the eight cylinder, mini-vans, and sports utility vehicles. Whatever type of vehicle you need for your life, it's likely that there is one of many Ford trucks that will fit your needs, your wants, and even your style. When you look at it that way, it isn't any surprise that Ford trucks have continued to do well for over one hundred years!