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Fire Safety for Everyone

Fire safety is important to everyone, everywhere. The people who assume that fire safety tips do not apply to them are those most at risk of becoming a fire victim. At any time a few wrong decisions can set your home, your car, or even your office on fire. Knowing some basic fire safety tips can save your life as well as the lives of people you love and care for. Fire is not something to toy around with; in just a few minutes fire can change your life forever.

One of the best fire safety tips is to get together with your family or the people you live with and devise an evacuation plan. Make sure that each person is clear as to what he or she should do to get out of the house safe and sound. Agree upon a meeting place outside of the home so that you can be sure each person is accounted for so you can give accurate information to firefighters. Practice escape routes a few times a year so that the plan remains fresh in your mind. If you work in a large office building you should ask your employer for an evacuation plan in the event of a fire. Knowing the best way to get out of a burning structure will be your best defense again burns and smoke inhalation.

Smoke alarms and residential fire sprinklers are not a bad idea either. Smoke alarms are a must and the batteries should be replaced a couple times a year. Every now and again, turn the alarm on to be sure that it will still sound loudly enough to wake everyone up if they happen to be sleeping.

Flame retardant sleep clothes are a great way to keep small children from suffering from burns. Any protection is a good idea, and these flame retardant pajamas will give your children a fighting chance in case of a fire.

Also, fire safety should be observed in the kitchen, being careful not to leave towels and flammable items near hot burners or in ovens. Make sure that flammable items are not left near a water heater or furnace, either. Having your furnace checked out once a year is also a great fire safety tip and can save you the devastating experience of having a house fire.

Fire safety is something that should be observed by all members of the family all the time. It's easy to leave an oven on or a candle burning, but it's not easy to get your house back after it burns down. So, observe fire safety all the time to protect yourself and your housing structure.