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Premium Ford Fan Clutch

One of the last pieces of the puzzle was a new clutch for our fan. We were not at all impressed with what we found at the local parts stores. So we started searching the net. Low and behold, we found Perma-Cool. They have an extensive selection and extremely high quality products.

We contacted Perma-Cool and explained our needs. They were very supportive and immediately sent out one of their premium fan clutch assemblies. Needless to say, we were very impressed with the fan clutch unit when we took it out of the box. Unlike most fan clutch assemblies, this one has a full cover over the front, protecting the clutch mechanism. It is covered in cooling fins and it spun very freely.

Perma-Cool premium fan clutch.

Fan clutch from the rear.

Our powder coated fan mounted with stainless steel bolts.

Fan and clutch installed on the water pump.

Installation was a snap. We used the four spacers that came with the clutch to accomodate our large blade fan. We used four stainless steel allen head bolts since we don't want any rust. Lastly, simply dropped it in place inside the fan shroud and fastened it to the water pump and pully with four ARP stainless steel bolts.

As you can see from the photos, it looks sharp and our engine will stay nice and cool thanks to the great folks at Perma-Cool.

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