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Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness.  In today's world, it should not be an afterthought, but something we all take very seriously.  Being prepared for an emergency can be the difference between surviving or perishing.  It does not require that you build an elaborate subterranean living complex, but it does mean having the necessary supplies and procedures in place in the event an emergency does occur.  Bear in mind that an emergency can be something as simple as losing your electricity, as devastating as a tornado or some other natural disaster, as well as many other possibilities.  Being prepared for an emergency is not just for the Boy Scouts, it's something that each and every person should be cognizant.

When it comes to emergency preparedness, there are several images that immediately come to mind.  Emergency preparedness is a continuum.  It can be as simple as a first aid kit under the sink, a large weatherproof storage container in the truck of your car filled with blankets, food, water, flashlights, batteries, clothes and other essentials when inclement weather is likely, or as elaborate as an emergency shelter stocked with MRE's, a generator and other survival supplies.  The key is anticipating the worst and devising a plan to deal with the situation.  Knowledge is more than half of the battle.  Knowing what can go wrong and preparing for such an eventuality has a very positive effect mentally as well.  Knowing that you are prepared for most unexpected events provides a great deal of comfort beforehand and in a time of crisis, the peace of mind from being prepared will go a long ways in helping a person stay calm and reasoned when others may panic.

We highly recommend everyone take time to plan for those events that can disrupt our daily lives.  Depending on where you live as well as a host of other factors will play a part in how you prepare for an emergency.  Someone living in a dense urban area along the coast is going to have a significant frame of reference and emergencies to contend with than someone living in a wide open rural community in the plains states.  Therefore there is no one single solution.  It takes forethought and insight to realize that we don't live in a perfect and a completely safe world.  Those that take the time to plan for such emergencies and prepare for such will be much better off than those that go through life with a blind eye to reality.