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Emergency Equipment

It takes more than a cool truck to make a true firefighting emergency vehicle. It takes the right gear for the job and thanks to our sponsors, Project Responder has been outfitted with the latest and greatest emergency equipment for firefighting and vehicle rescue operations. Starting with the gear we wear, the truck carries a complete set of turnout gear. This is also referred to as bunker gear or firefighting gear. Due to the support of several top of the line companies, I was able to have the very best turnout gear available. Having the turnout gear is just part of the equation. It takes water to put out a fire, most fires anyway, and with the bed mounted skid unit, the truck carries 200 gallons of water and 12 gallons of class A foam. So this is a fully functional fire truck that could a respond to a car fire, a brush fire or maybe even a dumpster fire. I certainly would not attempt to attack a large structure fire with such a limited supply, but every vehicle has it's purpose and for Project Responder, the goal is to be quick, agile and able.

Other emergency equipment carried on the truck includes tools and equipment for vehicle rescue as well as general applications and emergencies. I've even got the bases covered when it comes to supplying electricity for tools and emergency lighting as well as air for air tools and rescue air bags. I know it can't carry everything under the sun, that's why firefighting vehicles are so specialized, but the goal is to be prepared for most situations that a self sufficient volunteer firefighter would be called upon to handle. Certainly no firefighter can go it alone, but it takes the right tools and equipment at the end of the day, to get the job done.