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Ecco Lightbar

Our previous lightbar had been installed since 1992 when the manufacturer first began offering the 7400 all light model MX bar. This bar was custom built for this truck. Every space on the bar has been filled and it takes two cables, one with 13 wires and another with 16 wires, to supply the current for all of the options installed.

As much as we like our MX bar, we've found something completely new and exciting. The lightbar is manufactured by a company called Ecco in Boise Idaho. This bar is one of the best lightbars we've ever seen. At first, we received the 60" Evolution model, however, this configuration was much to 'low profile' for our truck. We needed something large, bright and attention getting. So we got upgraded to the full size reflectors and lenses. You have to see them to believe how bright and effective these are.

Configuraton of our Ecco lightbar.

The lightbar turned on. Our camera had a hard time not getting overexposed from such brilliant light.

The prefocused optics of the Ecco rotator.

Shot of the driver's side configuration.

Shot of the center section configuration.

Shot of the passenger's side configuration.

The optics are specially designed to focus the beam of light in a tight vertical pattern so that the flash is brilliant, both straight on and above or below the level of the lightbar. The rotators are designed with ball-bearings and a rubber drive belt instead of sintered bronze and gears. This makes for the very quietest lightbar ever! Even with six rotators humming along, you can barely hear a sound, but you'll be blinded by the light.

With 60 inches of room we came up with our own custom configuration. Bear in mind that what you see here and on the truck is slightly modified from the factory version. Because we have so many other lights on our truck, we wanted to keep the lightbar simple. Six rotators and some 'V' mirrors to reflect the light. To that end, we stuffed the six rotators in the bar with ten mirrors. From six lights, we have achieved sixteen flashes per cycle to the front and rear of the bar. It is truly mesmerizing.

Another feature that makes this bar so unique is the fact that each lens is custom cut to the length specified. While there are standard models, you could conceivably have a bar with any length section of color you desire. Ecco has a very unique approach to the lightbar market and this bar is one to admire. With a low amp draw, incredibly bright and focused reflectors, almost no noise and a wealth of configuration options, this Ecco lightbar is perfect for any firefighting vehicle, small or large.

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