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Differentials from Unitrax

We could not be more pleased to have Unitrax on board as one of our sponsors. They have been absolutely wonderful to work with. We explained to Devin at Unitrax how Project Responder will be driven and he came up with the perfect solution for traction.

powertrax no-slip differential gears
Powertrax No-Slip™ Differential
PowerTrax No-Slip differential insalled in Dana 60
PowerTrax No-Slip differential insalled in the Dana 60
Trac-Lok Limited Slip Differential
Trac-Lok Limited Slip Differential
Trac-Lok Limited Slip Differential Installed
Trac-Lok Limited Slip Differential Installed

In the front axle, a dana 60, we have installed the Powertrax™ No-Slip™ differential. The Powertrax No-Slip Traction System is the only differential that offers the maximum traction performance of a locking differential with the smoothness of a limited-slip/posi differential. It delivers power to both wheels through intermeshing teeth in such a way that one wheel cannot be powered ahead of the other. A specially contoured saddle ensures direct engagement of the intermeshing teeth. The No-Slip Traction System features a precision synchronization mechanism that holds the driver and coupler disengaged throughout a turn, so the unit remains quiet and operates smoothly. In addition, the springs mounted in the saddle (that impinge on the pinion cross shaft) and the turning resistance of the synchronization mechanism help damp out backlash effects. As a result, the No-Slip Traction System's operation is virtually unnoticeable to the vehicle driver until its extreme traction performance is required.

In the rear axle, a Ford 10¼, we have installed a Trac-Lok limited slip differential.

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