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Genesis of Project Responder:

The history of Project Responder. Photos and details of the truck from the day it was delivered.

Disassembly of the truck:

This is where the project really begins. The truck had to be completely disassembled before we could ever dream of creating this one-of-a-kind monster fire truck.

Working on the Drive Train:

A lot of time, effort and money went into the development of the power plant and the rest of the drivetrain. Here is where it all comes together.

Creating the Suspension:

Just as much, if not more, planning and work went into the suspension. It was put together and taken apart no less than three times in order to find the right combination of height, support and ride comfort.

Reassembly - Putting everything back together:

This is where the truck finally starts to come together. It even starts looking like a truck once more. There were times when we weren't really sure we'd ever make it this far, let alone get it completed.

Electrical - there's a lot:

Because Project Responder has so many electrical accessories, lights, sirens, auxilliary power supplies, etc., a lot of attention was paid to this department. Chasing down electical problems is anything but fun and knowing how important this function is, a lot of time and energy (pardon the pun) went into making the electrical system flawless.


Starting nearly from scratch, the inside of the cab was re-created with new carpeting, seats, a center console, and much more. But only after the cab was ready, this included sound proofing, insulation and getting the interior pannels and trim back into shape.

Accessories - yep, we've got a lot of these as well:

What more can we say? Project Responder almost has more accessories than we can count. That was part of plan. To make the truck as unique, yet practical, in every way.

Lights & Sirens, could probably use a few more:

Can you ever have enough lights & sirens? Some might call it a whacker's truck, but in reality, every warning device on the truck serves a purpose. The placement and design being well thought out in advance. By combining LED's, strobes and halogen lighting products, we've been able to achieve different levels of warning which can be utilized depending on the necessity of the situation. There is a method to our madness.

Emergency Equipment, this is the reason for the truck:

Well not the only reason, but one of the main purposes of Project Responder is to be able to carry a compliment of tools, equipment and water to be able to provide first level response capabilities. In fact, this is the reason we chose to install a service body, to be able to have the room and organization for rescue tools, turnout gear and more.