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Dana 60 Front Axle

We understand why Ford chose equip it's trucks with the twin I-beam suspension. It's supposed to improve ride quality and vehicle handling. For the heavy duty series, our personal opinion is that any truck over 8,500gvw should come equipped with a solid monobeam front axle. Therefore we have decided to upgrade Project Responder from the uneaven tire wearing IFS to a bullet proof Dana 60.

Ford Dana 60 axle arrived
The axle was in poor condition when it arrived.
Ford Dana 60 axle before
Rust was the major feature of this axle before it was refurbished.
Ford Dana 60 axle before being rebuilt
It's hard to believe this is the same axle we have on the truck now.
Ford Dana 60 axle housing
The axle has been torn down in preparation for rebuilding.

We are extremely fortunate to have a master transmission and axle mechanic in the metro area, James Schiele & Sons in Afton, MO. Jim Schiele is the same gentleman who supplied our transfer case. With Jim's recomendation, we contacted a firm in northeastern Missouri, that had two dana 60 axles available. The axle was delivered directly to James' shop to be completely rebuilt and restored including replacing all the seals and the ball joints.

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