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Dakota Gear Shift LED

Now that the components have been been created and/or modified, we were now ready to install the sending unit to the transmission. Originally, we wanted to simply drill a small hole in the transmission linkage so we could attach the actuator arm. We found, however, that the linkage is made of hardend steel and we were unable to drill it on the truck. The solution was to use the small tab we cut from the aluminum bracket which was supplied with the kit and secure it to the transmission linkage with JB Weld compound. This was a perfect solution.

Mounting the sender to the C6 transmission.

Mounting the digital decoder under the steering column.

Yellow led for park.

Red led for reverse.

Yellow led for neutral.

Green led for drive.

Green leds for 2nd and for 1st.

After twentyfour hours (we wanted to be sure the epoxy had cured) we installed our newly fabricated mounting plate to the transmission. The new plate dropped the sending unit down and moved it back almost an inch in each direction. Without moving it's position, the unit would have gotten into a bind in 2nd and 1st gears. Once we installed the sender and connected the actuator arm, it was time to install the decoder and get it programmed.

The installation of the decoder was simple. We drilled a 9/64in hold in the steering column bracket and secured the decoder to the truck. Then using a jewlers screwdriver, we connected our custom led leads to the terminal block. Since our tranny does not have overdrive, this connection was left open. With the led's connected, we then connected the leads from the sending unit and then from the ignition and the parking lights as well as the ground.

With all of the connections in place, we turned on the ignition and the park led on the decoder, as well as the park led in our instrument cluster began to flash. Following the directions, we programmed the decoder by depressing the programming button as we moved the shifter through the gears. As you can see to the right, we now have a bright and colorful display in our instrument panel. We are very happy with the results and the extra effort was well worth it. Thanks to Dakota Digital, our truck has truely entered the 21st century.

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