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Continuing Operations of Project Responder

Even though the truck is "finished", it will never be complete. Just because it runs and attends shows, the work does not end. Between maintenance and upgrades, both planned and unplanned, the truck will continue to be a source of new and interesting projects. Especially as technology changes so rapidly, things that were once impossible or impractical, are now feasible. I saw this during the initial build of the truck. LED lighting technology was still in the cradle when the project began, and in the five years it took to build, LED's leapt from the drawing board to the store shelves. In addition, because I had a limited budget in creating this project, some things just had to be placed on the back burner. Now, I have the ability to go back and revisit these and in many cases, include them now.

So if you thought you'd seen it all, there is still more to come. It may not be as fast and furious as the first five years, but Project Responder has a long way to go.