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Cleaning out the Cab

Now it's time to begin working on the cab. First, we had to remove all of the seats, the center console and the power inverter in order to remove the carpeting and access the cab mounting bolts. The first step was to remove the passenger seat to allow more room for working in the cab. Next, we disconnected and removed the 1000watt power inverter mounted on the side wall in the back of the cab.

Once this was out of the way, we could get to the mounting bolts that support the rear bench seat. Before we started here, we slid under the truck and sprayed a generous amount of penetrating lubricant on the studs before trying to break them free. Again, the air ratchet came in handy as we zipped the bolts out and slid the upper and lower seat sections out of the cab. Next we began to remove the bolts anchoring the captains chairs to the floor. These came out much easier than we anticipated. The drivers side chair was removed and both seats were set aside for the scrap yard.

interior before it was stripped.
This is what the interior looked like before it was stripped.
custom hardwood console
Custom hardwood console that was installed in 1995.
rear seat area
Rear seat with inverter mounted to the cab wall.
better view of inveter
Rear seat with inverter mounted to the cab wall.
cab interior rear
Time to remove the stereo speakers.
removing the captain
The seats start coming out.
Pass side seat gone
Passenger side seat is removed.
wiring like a birds nest
Looks like a birds nest after years of adding and changing accessories.
dirty carpet
Doesn't look like it was vacuumed out often.
rear seat removed.
Rear seat is removed.
rear seat removed
Rear seat removed, cab bolts are now accessible.
cab is empty
Both seats and the console are now gone.

Both seats and the console are now gone.

The last obstacle here is the custom oak console that was created several years ago to replace the basic factory plastic console. The console used the same mountings as the original and once the bolts were free, there were a lot of wires to disconnect. In the cases where there were full cables routed in under the cab such as the four gauge power cable and the lightbar cables, these were simply cut to facilitate removal of the console. The last step of this process is to remove the carpeting and sound proofing.