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Repair & Replacement of the cab II

After many hours of fine sanding and meticulous attention to detail, the day has come to roll the cab into the paint booth. We chose the color of blue from the current model year of Ford Windstar minivans. The original Dark Regata Blue metallic that covered the truck previously was nice, but it was too dark and lacked the depth of color that is available in today's paints. We fell in love with this color blue the very first time we were at the shop and saw a Windstar that had just been re-finished.

project responder cab seams sealed
Ready for paint
project responder cab doors hood parts primered
New doors and hood waiting for paint as well
project responder cab inside painted
Even the inside gets a coat
getting Ford chassis frame ready
Delivering the chassis

Finally, the cab is back home but still waiting for the doors

After the cab, hood and fenders, Bushwacker fender flares and other trim had been painted, the cab sat on a set of stands while the paint was buffed and then finally, taped off to spray the interior to ensure a completely uniform appearance. Now that everything had a fresh coat of paint, the cab and other parts were just waiting to be set in place.

We called Sturm's towing and Jay came right over with his faithful wrecker to transport our chassis to the shop. Using his wheel lift, Jay carefully towed the chassis to Countywide Collision for the big moment. Once there, the cab was prepped by undercoating the cab and getting a large crew of able bodied individuals to lift the cab onto the chassis. After getting the Energy Suspension cab mounts in place, the cab was set in place and secured with grade 8 bolts. The doors were not yet been hung since the rubber seals on the old doors were too far gone. In fact, we decided to replace the interior door panels with those from a newer model year truck which will get the power window and lock switches up in a more convenient location as well as add courtesy lighting.

So now, with the cab on the chassis back here in our shop, we finished removing the "birds nest" of wires that had accumulated over the years as electrical accessories have come and gone. In addition, we had begun to reinstall all of the connections between the cab and the rest of the truck such as the steering connection with our Bogeson steering linkage, reconnecting the wiring, air conditioning lines, cruise control and more. It was much easier to do this now while the fenders are out of the way. Once the fenders were installed, getting to the engine compartment was much more difficult.