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Alcoa Aluminum Wheels

We were overjoyed when Alcoa agreed to sponsor our vehicle and provide us with a set of their classic aluminum wheels.

Alcoa makes one-piece forged aluminum wheels for pickups, sport utility vehicles (SUVs), recreational vehicles (RVs) and more. Light application wheel sizes range from 15-inch to 19.5-inch. Most wheels come in a choice of styles, including Classic round hand hole, LTS spoke-styled hand hole and M/T by Alcoa Challenger designs. Alcoa wheel advantages: The distinctive appearance of Alcoa aluminum wheels creates a custom look that makes your vehicle stand out.

The Alcoa Aluminum wheels with the ProComp tires mounted and balanced. (our camera can't come close to capturing the deep shine and luster of these wheels.)

The wheels and tires under the slowly emerging monster truck.
  • Satin finish or mirror polish, the brilliant shine of Alcoa wheels catch the eye.
  • One-piece forged strength you can count on, off road or on the highway.
  • Alcoa aluminum wheels resist corrosion, so the good looks last with no paint, no chrome covers.

Alcoa's forging presses exceed 3 stories and exert up to 8000 tons of hydraulic pressure to sculpt a hot ingot of 6061-T6 aluminum into an Alcoa wheel. Only hot-die forging gives the strongest possible metallic grain structure, following the flow and shape of the wheel. Alcoa's hot-die forged wheels have tested to strengths four times greater than cast aluminum and nearly double that of steel.

Alcoa wheels are corrosion resistant. Each wheel is 100% machined for superior balance and uniformity, then polished to a brilliant long-lasting luster.

Needless to say, there is not much to document with regards to installing the wheels on the truck. We can tell you however, that even with the tires installed, the most weight required for balancing the truck wheels and tires was only one ounce. We thought this was absolutely incredible. A great testament to the quality of the wheels and of the tires.

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