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AGR Power Steering

When we started the project, we knew we were going to need a new steering gear box and pump. Unfortunately, because this is a Ford, we've found that getting custom or high performance parts for Ford's is next to impossible because of the way Ford Motor Company engineers their vehicles. It makes it very frustrating to deal with. Fortunately we found AGR. We thought we were only going to be able to get a Ford or parts store rebuilt unit for our truck.

AGR power steering gear box installation
AGR high performance steering gear box and replacement pump waiting for new hoses.
AGR power steering gear box hose installation
Hose connections in place.
AGR power steering gear box pump
Close up of the pump and gearbox with the hose connections in place.
AGR power steering saginaw gear box
AGR steering gear box installed and waiting for the pitman arm to be installed on the sector shaft.

[from the AGR website] Choices for Ford Trucks are very limited. About the only way to improve steering performance is to install a well-built O.E. steering box and add a Super Pump. AGR only offers a premium remanufactured O.E. steering box to replace the Ford type steering box. Due to the fact that steering boxes manufactured by Ford Motor Co. were never used in any performance or racing applications, no performance and / or modified components were ever produced. Adding to the equation, the scarcity of certain steering boxes prevents new components from being available. AGR steering boxes are manufactured with the highest quality new parts where available and all core components are thoroughly inspected and reconditioned. This is not your typical remanufactured steering box you get at your local auto part store.

So while we had hoped to install the ultimate steering components, we were fortunate to find AGR and that they were willing to help sponsor our project. With the AGR super pump and gear box installed and connected with our Borgeson steering shaft, we have the ultimate steering configuration available for Ford trucks. We are very grateful to AGR for their support.

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