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AcoustiShield Insulation

We were very fortunate to have support from Quiet Ride Solutions with their AcoustiShield sound and heat insulation system. We had already begun installing the interior when Quiet Ride Solutions responded to us and agreed to sponsor our project. Fortunately for us, their product is very easy to install and is well worth the effort.

We received a large box with several bundles of foil backed sound deadening material. Each one is a self contained kit for a different part of the truck's interior. Quiet Ride Solutions sent us the Floor kit, the Roof kit, the Rear Cab kit and the Door Skin Damper kit. We started by removing the captains chairs and the rear bench seat. We decided not to remove the console since most of the wiring was complete, but we were able to raise the Havis Shields Consolidator console high enough to gain easy access.

The floor kit as it arrived from Quiet Ride Solutions.

Installation of the AcoustiShield material over the transmission hump, under the console and the PS floor pan.

View from the driver's side, trans. hump and floor pan.

The AcoustiShield driver's side floor pan installation.

Covering the rear cab floor.

Covering the rear cab wall.

AcoustiShield on the rear cab side walls using the roof kit.

Since Auto Custom Carpet supplied sound dampening mats with the carpet, we opted to forgo the installation of the dynamat strips that came included with the floor kit and went straight to the installation of the insulation material which comes in five pre-cut pieces. We want to point out that this sound deadening / insulation is extremely high quality material. The mat is about " thick with a reinforced aluminum foil backing. We were highly impressed with this kit. It should also be noted that the kit is designed for a regular cab truck so we had to deviate from the instructions in a few instances.

Starting with the transmission hump, with the Consolidator console raised up, we were able to easily slide the center section into place. The floor pans were just as easy. Being pre-cut, they fit perfectly. Using a small strip from the kit, we covered the rest of the transmission hump forward of the console as well. Using the supplied aluminum foil tape to seal the seams where the pieces meet to form a solid heat shield. Next, we raised up the rear section of carpet and laid down the rear piece of the kit. The only areas not protected are directly under the seats. The seat pedestals were fairly difficult to install the first time so we decided we could live without AcoustiShield under them. Once all the AcoustiShield material was in place, the carpeting was laid back down over the top. The floor kit only took about an hour to install.

Next, we worked on the rear cab kit. After removing the plastic trim, we put the AcoustiShield piece up to check the fit and found it was perfect except for the rear bench seat latch. We used a sharpie to mark out the location of the latch and using a pair of scissors, we easily cut away the necessary material. With the supplied heat resistant spray adhesive, we coated the AcoustiShield material and applied it to the rear cab wall. The factory trim was then put back in place. Since this was only one piece and we only made one small modification, the installation was only about 20 minutes.

Lastly, because we have a supercab truck and the roof kit was designed for a regular cab, we decided to use the roof kit to insulate the side walls. We didn't want the sides left uncovered, especially over the old speaker openings. So we found that the two roof pieces of AcoustiShield were nearly perfect with just cutting out some openings for the seat belt hardware. With some spray adhesive, the AcoustiShield was in place and a few strips of aluminum foil tape covered the seams. All that was left was to put back the interior trim and re-install the seats.

From start to finish, we probably spent about five hours for the entire installation. We planned for an entire day, so we were pleasantly surprised. AcoustiShield is a great product and Quiet Ride Solutions is very thorough in putting it's kits together. Engine and exhaust heat will no longer be a concern and the only sounds we will hear will those from our radios and stereo equipment. We highly recommend Quiet Ride and we know that our cab will be a quiet, comfortable microcosm from the real world.

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