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A Career In Firefighting

Since September 11, 2001 the firefighting occupation has gotten a lot more attention and respect than ever before, yet the firefighting profession has changed very little over the years. Firefighters are being recognized as the heroes they really are, and that's awesome. A lot of people don't know just how hard firefighting is, and that it's an occupation that takes courage, trust, and strength.

Nine out of ten firefighters work for a country or municipal district and the remaining few do firefighting for private organizations. Considering that every firefighting experience could potentially cost a firefighter their life they aren't paid much. The average pay for a firefighter is about eighteen dollars an hour. Firefighting doesn't always take place at the best times, either! Firefighters are called to duty at all times of the day and night. Firefighting shifts usually last about twenty-four hours on duty and then forty-eight hours off. Most firefighters work fifty or more hours per week, too! Firefighting is not for the lazy or uninspired!

While a firefighting career may not seem lucrative to some, there are a lot of different avenues one can travel in the firefighting field. Some may choose to fight fires, others may choose to become fire inspectors to prevent fires, and others still may become fire investigators so that they can solve how some fires start to prevent similar events in the future. Firefighting is a rewarding career because every time you go to work you have the potential to save a life, inspire a life, and take on a task that most people wouldn't dare.

Firefighting isn't just about putting water on fires; it's also about equipment maintenance, community service, and medical care. A lot of time firefighting is not what firefighters must to do when called to a scene, instead they must administer basic life saving techniques to victims of a fire or accident. Firefighting encompasses many different things, and that is a lot of what makes the job so exciting. Firefighting isn't for the faint of heart, but it's an awesome career for those who really have a passion!