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ICE can save your life

On our website, you can find out about ICE lights and ice cleats, but for this topic of discussion, the acronym "ICE" stands for In Case of Emergency. The ICE movement has really caught on and has hit the newspapers in most of the large markets around the country as well as getting around the web.

"What is ICE" you may be wondering. The answer is, ICE is a text entry that you put in front of one or more emergency contacts in your cell phone, pda or other portable electronic device you regularly carry. The goal is to make it much easier to locate and contact someone you designate in case you are incapacitated, unconscious or otherwise unable to speak for yourself. We think this is a great idea and one that will hopefully catch on.

Now don't think that just because you have ICE in front of your wife's / husband's / boy friend's / girlfriend's name that the first responders are going to immediately look for your cell phone so they can contact the next of kin. Where this really comes into play is after the main emergency situation is handled, whatever that may be. Once they get you to the hospital, medical personnel will be able to get a hold of an emergency contact person soon that would otherwise be possible and the minutes saved could be the difference between life or death.

This is not to say the ICE alone is all you need. Everyone should have an emergency identification card with them at all times which lists emergency contacts, allergies, medications and other medical conditions that emergency medical staff need to know when you are unable to speak for yourself. ICE is just another tool to make it easier and faster for you to get the help and assistance you'll need in an emergency situation.

So before you close this webpage and navigate elsewhere, take a moment, pull out your cell phone and add the letters "ICE" in front of someone's name that you trust with your life. Then ask them to do the same.

"Those who are most prepared are most likely to survive"