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Removing the Engine

After the cab has been removed and is no longer in the way, we had complete and unobstructed access to the entire drive train. To begin, we needed to remove the components which we "transplanted" onto our custom 460 including several brackets and fittings. This also gave us the access we needed to bolt the engine sling to the block for lifting it out off of the frame.

The first item to be removed was the air conditioner compressor. All of the hoses had already been disconnected to remove the front clip and the cab. All that was left were the five bolts holding it in place. The bolts were removed and the compressor set aside for the rebuild. Then we disconnected the power steering pump but we had not yet disconnected the power steering hydraulic lines. Next, we then removed the mounting plates and brackets that held these two accessories to the engine.

project responder
Getting ready to take it apart
351 windsor motor ready to go
Final inspection
air conditioning and power steering pumps removed
A/C & P/S Disconnected
removing headers from 351w engine block
Disconnecting the Headers
starter removal 351w engine
Ready to remove the starter
removing torque converter 351w small block
Removing the torque converter bolts
taking out c6 transmission bolts 351w
Removing the transmission bolts
351w small block motor removed
Taking it away

The next item up for bids was the exhaust. Using a modified allen wrench in a 3/8" drive socket, we used an air wrench to remove all of the header bolts from the manifold. Once these were removed, we disconnected the headers from the exhaust tubes. These then easily lifted out of our way.

To get to the torque converter bolts on the flywheel, we removed the access plate on the bottom of the bell housing and the starter. By using a pry bar to spin the flywheel, we were able to access the four flywheel bolts. We broke them loose with a regular " socket drive and then used the air ratchet to spin them the rest of the way off.

Now we used an impact wrench to remove the six bolts connecting the transmission's bell housing to the engine block. Lastly, we used the impact wrench to remove the nuts securing the engine mounts.

It was now time to lift the block out and away. Using a standard chain link engine sling, we used two 7/16" grade 8 bolts to anchor the sling to the heads. From here, we lifted the engine out slowly, making sure we hadn't missed anything. Once clear, the block was set aside for a future project.