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Removal of the Transfercase

With the cab and bed out of the way, disconnecting and removing the old transfer case was very easy. We started by securing the transmission with a transmission jack from underneath and securing the transfer case with a chain and a comealong. Together, the transmission and transfer case were only supported by transmission mount and the rear drive shaft. Once they were secured, we started by disconnecting the rear drive shaft. There are four " nuts on two "u" bolts holding the u-joint caps into the yoke. We used a very ingenious device made out of rubber that has two large cups and a strap in-between which we then placed over each loose u-joint cap to keep them from falling off.

removing borg warner 1345 transfer case
Rear driveshaft removed.
removing front driveshaft from borg warner 1345 transfer case
Removal of the front driveshaft.
lifting out borg warner 1345 transfer case
Removal of mounting bolts.
removal of borg warner 1345 transfer case
Up, up and away...

Next, we disconnected the front drive shaft from both the transfer case and from the dana 50 front axle. From here, we had to disconnect the shift linkage. The new transfer case wont need these connections since it is electronically controlled. Now we began to remove the bolts connecting the transfer case to the transmission using a " ratcheting combination wrench. Once the bolts were removed, it just took a soft touch to separate the two units. Fortunately, we only spilled about a half of a quart of transmission fluid on the ground since the tranny was angled up at the connection.

We then reversed the comealong and lowered the transfer case to the ground. After removing the chain and winch, it only took one person to carry it out to the truck so we could take it back for the core deposit on the 1356 we had just waiting for the frame to be sand blasted and painted.